Credit for Technical Skills Testing

In some cases, academic credit may be given for applicable and validated industry experience, subject to the evaluation and approval by the Vice President of Instruction, Instructional Dean, Department Chair, and Professor. The total number of semester credit hours awarded for Credit Awards may vary depending on course semester hours. At least 25 percent of the total credits in a Panola College student’s certificate or associate degree plan must be earned through regular SCH instruction at Panola College.

To receive Credit Awards, the professor should submit a “REQUEST FOR CREDIT TECHNICAL SKILLS TESTING” to the Academic Dean for approval along with documentation of the skills necessary to award academic credit. Students must be enrolled at Panola College and have completed a minimum of 12 semester credit hours of non-college preparatory classes. A grade of A, B, or C will be assigned for any course in which Credit Awards is received. Students must score at least 75% to receive a “C” grade. This grade is computed in the student’s grade point average.