Social Security Number (SSN)

Disclosure of a student’s Social Security Number is requested for the student records system and for compliance with Federal and State reporting requirements. Federal law requires that any student applying for financial aid must provide a SSN. Although the SSN is not required for admission to Panola College, failure to provide the number may result in delays in processing the application or in the College’s inability to match an application with transcripts, assessment scores, and other documents. Student SSNs are maintained and used by the College for financial aid, internal verification, administrative purposes, and for reports to Federal and State agencies as required by law. The privacy and confidentiality of student records is protected by law, and the College will not disclose SSNs without consent for any other purpose except as allowed by law. Upon completion of an admission application, each student will be assigned a computer-generated Student Identification Number, which will be used for student registration and other student online services.