Tuition and Fees


Tuition and fee costs at Panola College are reasonable, because the school is supported both by the Texas state government and by the taxpayers of the Panola College Taxing District. Tuition, which is $33 per semester hour with a minimum charge of $60, falls well below the amount established by state law. Fee charges vary according to the student’s official place of residence, since a separate fee system exists for those individuals not paying property taxes to the College or for those who are not residents of the State of Texas. Fees also vary according to the courses taught as additional fees are charged for laboratory courses or may be charged for specialized courses which require additional lab fees, rental fees, clinical fees, liability insurance, and/or external achievement exams.

Residence Classification

In accordance with Texas law governing tuition charges, students who enroll at Panola College will be classified as Texas Residents, Louisiana Residents, Out-of-State Residents or International Residents. Texas residents will be classified as in-district or out-of-district residents. Tuition and fees will vary according to the residency established at the time of initial registration with the College. Individuals must be prepared to establish residency by signing an oath of residency and may be required to provide official documentation proving residency. Texas residents are those individuals living in Texas for the 12-month period immediately preceding the date of initial registration. Louisiana residents may take advantage of a reciprocity agreement which allows them to pay in-state tuition when enrolling at Panola College because of the school’s proximity to the two states’ common border. Out-of-state residents and international residents are individuals who have not resided in Texas for the 12-month period immediately preceding the initial date of enrollment. International (foreign, alien) students who are not permanent residents of the U.S. and have not been permitted by Congress to adopt the U.S. as their domicile while they are in this country are not granted Texas residency status.

In-District Residency

Citizens with legal residence status of the State of Texas, who are 18 years of age or older, who are financially independent from their parents or guardian and who reside within the boundaries of the Panola College taxing district for a 12-month period prior to the 12th class day of a long semester, the 4th class day of a summer session or the official census day for terms of varying length qualify for in-district residence status. Legal Texas residents under the age of 18 or Texas residents 18 years of age or older who are not financially independent from their parents or guardian are classified according to the residence status of their parents or guardian.

Legal residents who reside outside the boundaries of the Panola College taxing district, but own property within the taxing district and pay ad valorem taxes on that property, may have the difference between in-district and out-of-district tuition waived for themselves and their dependents.

Verification of property ownership shall be determined by an ad valorem tax statement or receipt issued by the tax office of the District; or by presentation of a deed, property closing statement or other appropriate evidence of ownership of property which is subject to ad valorem taxation by the District.

The following documents may be acceptable for determining in-district residency in support of the signed Oath of Residency (a minimum of two (2) documents are required):

  1. Texas Driver’s License
  2. Texas high school transcript
  3. Employer statement of date of employment
  4. Texas voter registration
  5. Lease agreement which includes student’s name and periods covered
  6. Property tax payments
  7. Canceled checks
  8. Utility bills
  9. Other as accepted by the Registrar

Notice of Excessive Undergraduate Hours

An institution of higher education may charge a higher tuition rate to an undergraduate student whose hours can no longer be submitted for formula funding. At this time, Panola College will not charge a higher tuition rate for Texas residents enrolling for courses that no longer generate formula funding.

Repeated Course Fees

The Texas Legislature has mandated that a course repeated by a student more than twice at a public institution of higher education may not be reported for state funding. As a result, the institution must either pass the non-funded portion to all students or charge a supplementary fee to the student who is repeating the course. Consequently, Panola College has chosen to assess a supplementary fee to only those students repeating the course more than twice. Courses in Preparatory Studies and English as a Second Language (ESL) are not affected by the supplementary fee.

For a course being “three-peated” (being taken for a third time), students will be charged $75 per semester credit hour ($225 for a 3-hour course) in addition to tuition and required fees associated with the course. Students will be notified at the time they register for a course that it has been taken twice at Panola College and is subject to the supplementary fee.

Panola College Tuition and Fees 2024-2025 (subject to change)

Panola County 

Hours Tuition General Fees Total
1 60 65 125
2 66 130 196
3 99 195 294
4 132 260 392
5 165 325 490
6 198 390 588
7 231 455 686
8 264 520 784
9 297 585 882
10 330 650 980
11 363 715 1078
12 396 780 1176
13 429 845 1274
14 462 910 1372
15 495 975 1470
16 528 1040 1568
17 561 1105 1666
18 594 1170 1764
19 627 1235 1862
20 660 1300 1960
21 693 1365 2058

Out of District/Louisiana 

Hours Tuition General Fees Out-of-District Fees Total
1 60 65 72 197
2 66 130 144 340
3 99 195 216 510
4 132 260 288 680
5 165 325 360 850
6 198 390 432 1020
7 231 455 504 1190
8 264 520 576 1360
9 297 585 648 1530
10 330 650 720 1700
11 363 715 792 1870
12 396 780 864 2040
13 429 845 936 2210
14 462 910 1008 2380
15 495 975 1080 2550
16 528 1040 1152 2720
17 561 1105 1224 2890
18 594 1170 1296 3060
19 627 1235 1368 3230
20 660 1300 1440 3400
21 693 1365 1512 3570

Out of State/International 

Hours Tuition General Fees Out-of-State Fees Total
1 200 65 120 385
2 200 130 240 570
3 200 195 360 755
4 200 260 480 940
5 200 325 600 1125
6 200 390 720 1310
7 231 455 840 1526
8 264 520 960 1744
9 297 585 1080 1962
10 330 650 1200 2180
11 363 715 1320 2398
12 396 780 1440 2616
13 429 845 1560 2834
14 462 910 1680 3052
15 495 975 1800 3270
16 528 1040 1920 3488
17 561 1105 2040 3706
18 594 1170 2160 3924
19 627 1235 2280 4142
20 660 1300 2400 4360
21 693 1365 2520 4578

This schedule does not include book costs, possible rental charges, lab fees, building use fees or room and board costs. Fees at Panola College are established in consultation with student representation. Individuals may use this schedule to estimate their tuition and the fee costs based on the number of hours taken and residency status. In the first column above, find the number of hours taken. Follow the line across the page to find the appropriate tuition and fee charge.

Class-Related Fees

Building Use Fee Cost
(per semester hour; includes but not limited to Marshall College Center, Shelby College Center, Shelby Regional Training Center) $10
Health Science Programs Cost
Associate Degree Nursing
(clinicals, labs, insurance)
Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic
(clinicals, labs, insurance)
Health Information Technology
(clinicals, labs, insurance)
Medical Assistant
(clinicals, labs, insurance)
Medical Laboratory Technician
(clinicals, labs, insurance)
Occupational Therapy Assistant
(clinicals, labs, insurance)
Vocational Nursing
(clinicals, labs, insurance)
Regular Laboratory Fee $35-$50
Special Fees Cost
Academic Course Fee $35
Chemistry Lab Insurance $10-$24
Cosmetology (labs and insurance) $5-$50
Industrial/Petroleum Technology (per class) $100
Internet Courses (per semester hour) $15
Kinesiology $75
Science Course Fee $50
Welding (per class) $100
Special Courses Cost
Supplies and traveling fees $30-$1200
Private Instruction
(1 hours/2 hours)
Criminal Background Check $4-$65
Basic Life Support $25-$65

Room and Meals*

Residence Halls: Cost
Sharp Hall (Co-Ed Dorm) $3,050
Student Apartments $3,708
New Students Apartments (O’Neal) $3,814

*All are 19 meals weekly

Room/Board for Short Semesters

Semester Sharp Hall Student Apts New Apts
Minimester $152 $258 $280
Summer I $301 $434 $460
Summer II $301 $434 $460

See here for Residence Hall Refund Policy.

Additional Fees Cost
Assessment Test Fee $30
One Subject Retest $15
Two or More Subject Retests $30
Class Change Fee $30
Deferred Payment Fee $30
Diploma Replacement Fee $25
Diploma Cover Replacement Fee $10
I.D. Badge Replacement $10
Late Registration $30
“3-Peat” Repeat Fee (per credit hour) $75
Parking Fine $10-$290
Posting Credit by Exam:  
Advanced Placement (per hour) $20
Process Record (subpoena) $50
Proctoring Correspondence Exams:  
Currently Enrolled N/C
Not Enrolled $20
Returned Check/Draft Fee $30

College Store Return and Buy Back Policies

Textbook Refund Policy


  • Textbooks can only be returned within ten days of the purchase date.
  • Books must be returned in NEW condition for a refund; all textbooks have a 30% restocking fee. Books with writing, highlighting, earmarks, bumped corners, etc., will be refunded at USED retail price. The Panola College Store reserves the right to refuse any item for refund based on condition in which the item has been brought back.
  • Books purchased shrink wrapped cannot be returned for any reason including class cancellation.
  • New or used textbooks with water damage are not returnable.
  • DVDs, CDs, and books with computer software or access codes that are opened are not eligible for a refund or exchange. No exceptions.
  • Kits such as but not limited to Intro to A&P Online Lab Kit, CHEM 1405 Online Lab Kit, Cosmetology Kit, Art Kit, etc., are non-refundable. No exceptions.
  • All shipping, handling, and late fees are non-refundable.

General Merchandise Refund and Exchange Policy


  • Clothing, supplies, and other forms of general merchandise may be refunded or exchanged within ten business days of purchase date.
  • All original tags must still be attached to clothing items.
  • Candy, drinks, and all health and beauty supplies are not eligible for return or exchange.
  • All shipping, handling, and late fees are non-refundable.
  • No refund is available for calculators, hardware, software, and assorted computer supplies.
  • All laptops, tablets, and electronic items are non-refundable. Defective products must be reconciled with manufacturer according to terms of item’s warranty.

Book Loan Scholarship and Outside Scholarship

Book Loan Scholarship students must get all required textbooks needed by the 12th class day. Books must be returned or paid for when a class is dropped or at the end of the semester. Students must clear after each semester to be allowed to receive books for the next semester. For WIA, VA, and all other scholarships that pay for supplies, students must get supplies needed by the 12th class day or they will not be covered by scholarship and will have to be paid for by the student at the time of purchase.

Book Buy Back

Book buy back will take place in the Panola College Store on the days final exams are given during the fall and spring semester. Buy back can be done all other times through our online store.

Please make sure you have purchased the correct textbooks for your classes and that the classes have made before opening or marking in books.