Associate Degrees

  1. To complete the 60 hours necessary for the degrees of Associate of Arts and Associate of Science, students should follow the Core Curriculum, making additional choices from the suggested programs of study. The student seeking an Associate of Arts degree must elect six to eight hours of foreign language study.
  2. Prescribed requirements for the Associate of Applied Science degree in a specific Career/Technical Education program for which a student is enrolled are set forth in this catalog in the section which lists the courses that the student takes. Adjustments in course requirements for the Associate of Applied Science Degree may be approved by the Vice President of Instruction.
  3. Additional Requirements:
    1. For degree completion, at least 25 percent of the credit semester hours must be earned through instruction completed at Panola College.
    2. A grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 must be earned.
    3. Substitutions may be allowed on application to the Vice President of Instruction.
    4. The student has the ultimate responsibility for selecting and registering for courses meeting the graduation requirements.
  4. A second degree may be conferred. The student must successfully complete all courses required in the second degree plan and submit a formal application for graduation. A minimum of 18 semester credit hours of resident credit beyond the hours for the first degree is required.