Catalog Time Restriction

A student must meet the degree or certificate of completion requirements of the catalog under which he/she first entered the College provided the courses are currently being offered. Alternatively, a student may choose to complete under the course requirements in effect during any subsequent year in which he/she is registered, provided the courses are offered.

Panola College expects that a student will normally graduate under the catalog in effect at the time of the most recent admission. For nursing and other specialized programs, the semester of acceptance into the program determines the catalog year. When the elapsed time from initial enrollment to degree/certificate completion is long, individual courses may have been replaced or canceled. Students may consult the new catalog each year to confirm whether their chosen program has been revised or will be replaced or if a new program has been introduced which may be more appropriate for meeting their educational objectives. Students should be aware that the decision to graduate under a more recent catalog may require that additional courses be completed and lengthen the time required for degree completion.

These provisions are subject to the restriction that all requirements must be completed within five years from the date of the catalog chosen and that the courses are currently being offered. A student may choose to complete requirements under the current catalog.