Inclement Weather Policy

Panola College has scheduled its instructional program to comply with the Common Calendar of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, as well as to meet instructional requirements for awarding credit hours earned. College instructors are obligated to meet all scheduled classes. If severe weather makes it necessary to cancel classes, the College Administration will notify students through text messaging, email and local television and radio stations. If classes are canceled by the College President, all work is delayed until the next class meeting or until a date determined by the instructor. If a student is in an area which experiences severe weather and the College has not officially closed, it is that student’s responsibility to decide whether or not to attend class. The student must then contact the instructor for information concerning the make-up of work missed.

Pony Alerts is a campus alert system used to notify students, faculty, and staff of situations on, or near, campus that they should be aware of, such as severe weather, crime alerts, or active emergency situations.

For more information about Pony Alerts and to sign up, please visit the Panola College website