Associate of Arts/Science

English Language and Literature

Suggested Degree Plan

The curriculum for English Language & Literature is the set of lower division courses that must be applied to any undergraduate English Language & Literature degree plan when a student transfers to or from any Texas public college or four-year institution. Following this advising guide ensures both completion of the Core Curriculum and the Field of Study. This document is an advising guide only. The Associate of Science is the award associated with this plan and is a total of 60 hours. Any hours above that are based on university transfer suggestions.

Semester II

Course Code
Sub-Total Credits


The following courses are required in the English Language & Literature Field of Study: ENGL 1301, ENGL 1302, ENGL 2322, and ENGL 2323.

Other courses listed in the program are required to complete the core curriculum.

Total Credits
Includes Core Curriculum credits.