Academic Fields of Study

In accordance with Texas Education Code, §61.823, the Board approves field of study curricula for certain fields of study/academic disciplines. Field of study curricula shall be developed with the assistance of advisory committees whose membership includes at least a majority of members who are teaching faculty (as defined by §4.23(8) of this title, relating to Definitions for Core Curriculum and Field of Study Curricula) within the field of study under consideration.

  1. If a student successfully completes a field of study curriculum developed by the Board, that block of courses may be transferred to a general academic teaching institution and must be substituted for that institution’s lower-division requirements for the degree program for the field of study into which the student transfers, and the student shall receive full academic credit toward the degree program for the block of courses transferred.
  2. A student who transfers from one institution of higher education to another without completing the field of study curriculum of the sending institution shall receive academic credit in the field of study curriculum of the receiving institution for each of the courses that the student has successfully completed in the field of study curriculum of the sending institution. Following receipt of credit for these courses, the student may be required to satisfy the remaining course requirements in the field of study curriculum of the receiving institution, or to complete additional requirements in the receiving institution’s program, as long as those requirements do not duplicate course content already completed through the field of study curriculum.
  3. A student concurrently enrolled at more than one institution of higher education shall follow the field of study curriculum requirements of the institution at which the student is classified as a degree-seeking student.

The Field of Study curriculum is designed to satisfy the lower division requirements for a bachelor’s degree in a specific area at four-year colleges in the state of Texas.* Fields of Study offered by Panola College include

  • Business Administration & Management
  • Criminal Justice
  • English Language & Literature
  • Health Science - Nursing, EMS
  • History
  • Music (modified for degree completion)
  • Political Science & Government

*Field of Study completion does not guarantee admission to a four-year institution in the state of Texas.