Course Descriptions

Most of the courses listed are taught at Panola College at some time during the academic year. Some courses are taught during the fall semester only, while others are taught in the spring semester only. The student should consult the Schedule of Classes online prior to each semester or summer session to determine specific course offerings for a given enrollment period. The College reserves the right to withdraw any course from the schedule if enrollment figures do not make the presentation of the class economically or educationally feasible.

This catalog features the courses numbered in the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCN) and Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM). By using the TCCN and WECM, Panola College simplified the transfer process for students by making transfer evaluation at the receiving school more standardized. Individuals who took courses prior to the initiation of this system, may, if needed, consult the Admissions/Records Office for the number of the equivalent course.

Panola College uses the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) and Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM) TCCNS WECM*
Four-letter course prefix ENGL POFT
Four-digit number 1301 2312


  • 1=freshman
  • 2=sophomore
1xxx 2xxx
Number of credits x3xx x3xx
Sequence of course xx01 xx12

The course descriptions which follow may indicate prerequisites and co-requisites. A prerequisite is a course that must be satisfactorily completed before enrollment in a course. A co-requisite for a course should be taken before, but maybe taken at the same time as another course. Students who fail to meet these department requirements may find themselves unable to perform successfully in a course for which they have not met the prerequisites. Prerequisites tell the student what skills and/or knowledge he or she must have to succeed in the course. If the student feels that he or she is qualified and wants to avoid a prerequisite, the student or high school counselor (in the case of dual credit students) must obtain an exception from the Vice President of Instruction.

Explanation of Items in Course Description

Course prefix HIST
Course number 1301
Course title U.S. History I
Course description General description of the course from the ACGM or WECM
Semester hour credit HIST 1301
The second number in the course number equals the semester credit hours awarded for the course
Lecture hrs Number of lecture hours required per week in this class
Lab hrs Number of lab hours required per week in this class
Extended hrs or Clinical hrs Hours students are responsible for other than lecture or lab—see instructor and class syllabus for more details.
Prerequisite A course that must be completed before taking this course
Co-requisite A course that can be taken at the same time as this course
Lab fee Additional fee for this course