Class Load Information

A student enrolled in fewer than 12 semester hours will be classified as a part-time student. Individuals enrolled in 12 or more semester hours are classified as full-time students. A normal student load in a fall or spring semester for coursework is five academic or technical courses totaling from 14 to 17 hours of instruction. To this total, a student may add one-hour courses such as a physical education activity course. Students wishing to enroll in six academic courses and/or more hours in terms less than 16 weeks will need to secure the written permission of the Vice President of Instruction after providing documentation of past academic success. During a summer session, a normal load is 6 semester hours with the maximum load being 7 semester hours. During a 3-week mini-term, a load is 3 hours/1 course. During a Flex session, a normal load would be no more semester hours than the number of weeks of the flex session. Students enrolled in a full load of classes should not take more hours in a Flex session than the number of weeks in the flex session.